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CONSIDER IT DONE. is your low-profile extension of your marketing and communication department. We want to know who you really are and what your brand value is. Our goal is to give you a feeling of relief when you give us your trust. A partnership with CONSIDER IT DONE. is built on a direct and open communication throughout the different stages of a project: brainstorm, concept, development, prototyping and production.


  • Titters

    "There are no problems, only challenges"

    Wouter Van Hauwermeiren The selfdriven millipede

    Wouter Frans Maria Van Hauwermeiren calls himself 'a selfdriven millipede'. He started of as an event manager in several media companies; the perfect playground to gain experience in brand activation, sponsoring, communication and marketing. 2010 was the magic year in which he set himself free and founded Double United. Oh, and he is also the creative founder of Gameland.

  • Likes

    "Everything will always be ok"

    Kevin Alderweireldt The creative unicorn

    Kevin Lea Marcel Alderweireldt started as a graphic designer at BBDO where he saw how big companies work and organise their communications departments. In 2010 he got to spread his wings as a „a creative unicorn”. All things special, odd or off the hook are made for him! Matchbook delivers full productions of brand activations the way clients want them.

  • Whispers

    It's all gonna be fine...

    Sam Janssens The technical whizkid

    Sam Antoine Brigitte Janssens is what they call 'a man with a plan'. With his strong technical knowledge and a creative mindset Sam brings many solutions to the drawing table which makes him a valuable asset to the team. His so called 'do-mentality' inspires people and there for Sam is the right man at the right place.


When considering the handling of your campaign or activation, we want to be more than sure. After a run-through with you, we’re in it for the long haul. You can “Consider it done”, from the moment you start a partnership with us. We rely on an experienced team that takes its responsibilities serious. One hell of a backbone built on a unique pact between several companies who understand that when combining forces they’re able to tackle even the greatest challenges.

  • "We have a healthy disregard for the impossible ;)"

    BM Projects Our creative partner

    A company with a healthy disregard for ‘the impossible’, that’s what we love. BM Projects is our creative partner in both design and production.

  • "We just have no limits..."

    Control P Our printing partner

    We want to see our ideas in real-life as it is in our mind: perfectly clear. With a printing-plant of 2500 m2, Control P delivers us everything we want as perfect as can be.

  • "We deliver what you need!"

    E-Demonstration Our logistic partner

    To deliver good productions, a reliable logistic partner is needed! We’re happy to count on e-demonstrations for this part.

Ready to rock?

If you want to have the feeling of a relief, just hit us with your project!


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