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The fundamental demands for composing annotations (author’s resumes): objectives and objectives, composition and information

Annotation towards the write-up must be:

  1. helpful (will not have popular words and phrases);
  2. unique (not to become a language translation annotation with a literal interpretation);
  3. substantial (mirror the principle articles of your post along with the outcomes of the investigation);
  4. set up (adhere to the reasoning of explaining the outcomes in the report);
  5. “English-communicating” (being written in higher-quality English language);
  6. small (to suit in to the volume from 100 to 250 words and phrases), 850 characters, at least 10 outlines.

The principle objectives and aims of the annotation

  • Abstract is actually a brief review of a larger amount function of the scientific nature.
  • The abstract can be printed separately, in solitude in the principal text and, consequently, must be understandable without guide towards the newsletter itself.
  • Studying an annotation towards the article, your reader ought to be aware of the substance from the analysis.
  • Reading through the annotation, the reader ought to decide whether it be rewarding to recommend to the full text message in the article for acquiring more in depth info useful into it.
  • Annotation on the article is the primary supply of information and facts from the domestic and overseas information and facts techniques and directories, indexing journals.
  • Abstract is available around the magazine’s internet site for community viewing on the Internet and listed by system research resources.
  • The abstract in The english language is the basis for planning the abstract in other dialects.

Structure, information and level of the abstract

  1. The abstract must express the primary specifics of the function, and ought to not exaggerate or consist of fabric that may be unavailable within the body from the newsletter.
  2. An annotation framework that repeats the dwelling in the post and involves the intro, targets and targets, approaches, final results, results (results) is urged.
  3. Nonetheless: this issue, topic, reason for the job is indicated if they are not clear from the title of the write-up; The technique or method in the job should be explained should they be new or fascinating from the purpose of take a look at this job.
  4. The outcome in the work are detailed incredibly accurately and informatively.
  5. The main theoretical and experimental final results, actual details, identified interactions and regularities are offered. Simultaneously, preference is provided to new final results and data of long term relevance, crucial findings, results that disprove present hypotheses, and also info that, inside the author’s view, are of practical value.
  6. Results might be combined with referrals, estimates, suggestions, hypotheses detailed within the write-up.
  7. The data within the name from the post ought not to be repeated from the textual content of your annotation.
  8. Avoid needless opening phrases (for example, “this writer from the report considers. “).
  9. Historic referrals, should they tend not to make up the primary information in the papers, a explanation of previously published functions and well-known conditions inside the annotation usually are not offered.
  10. The written text of the annotation ought to make use of the syntactic buildings built into the terminology of technological and technical documents; stay away from sophisticated grammatical constructions.
  11. From the written text of the author’s continue, you need to use substantial phrases through the textual content of your write-up.
  12. The written text of the annotation ought to be succinct and obvious, clear of history, superfluous opening words, standard and unimportant formulations.
  13. The written text ought to be coherent, disjointed claims need to stick to one another logically.
  14. Abbreviations and symbols, aside from popular types, are being used in extraordinary situations, or they are provided from the author’s cv.
  15. The annotation is not going to talk about the publication variety in the list of referrals towards the post.
  16. The volume in the text message in the author’s cv is determined by this content of the publication (the quantity of information, its medical and practical value), but shouldn’t be under 100-250 terms.


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